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Want a graffiti bedroom but don't want any hassle? Order a graffiti "Stick Em Up" from us and you can't go wrong! What makes it better than having a piece of work painted straight onto your wall?....
1.It means that you can use the room straight away without the spray paint fumes stinking up your whole house and giving you a headache. We design then print them in our studio using waterbased inks so they dont give off any odours or fumes.
2.If you want to give a "Stick Em Up" as a surprise you can as they take 2 people a minute to put up, just like a big sticker.
3.If you move room or house you can take it with you. "Stick Em Up's" don't leave any residue, rip wall paper or take off wall paint when you take them off or put them back up, which you can do up to 100 times!
4.And its cheaper as we can post anywhere so you don't have to pay our travel or have the pain of taking a day off work to let an artist in and have your room covered in nasty dust!