We’ve moved but only ‘round the corner!

Can you believe it? After being at The Custard Factory for the last 7 years we’ve made the decision to mix it up and move our paint shop to Red Brick Market, 2 mins walk away from our old shop. Red Brick is home to 150 independent businesses, operating like a department store. We’re in the front bit with racks of Loop spray paint and a big selection of Posca pens, Grog dripped pens and stickers. Doors are open Monday to Saturday 10-6, just like the shop…but with the added bonus that they’re open Sundays from 10am til 5pm!!! 
The other news is that we’ve also taken on a studio and yard where we can run workshops, graffiti experiences and team building. Again, it’s only round the corner from the old place. When we’ve got it exactly how we want it I’ll stick some pics up.