About US

After realising that i wasn't built to be a B Boy, or MC or DJ either, I tried Graffiti and never looked back. In 1997 i was standing in the dole queue and a woman from the charity The Princes Trust asked me if id ever thought about starting my own business and the rest is history.

Since then I've slogged away at making the best it can be, from starting off painting roller shutters and bedrooms, to running workshops showing young people how to use graffiti for art not crime, to being on Dragons Den and working on feature films with the best of the best. This was only made possible by following the simple mantra Its nice to be nice, and treating others fairly. Ive met a lot of talented people along the way and have always aimed to have a great team of people working along side me and to help them as much as they've helped me, true to the Hip Hop ethos. 

David Brown / Panda / Flake