graffiti workshops

the ultimate positive Urban Art experience

Now you can buy one-off workshops in the SHOP section of the website, book in and come to us. If you want to book a workshop at a school or youth centre drop us an email and we can give you prices for us to come out to you.

With skilled and mature workshop leaders you can be sure of a professional and structured programme. From conception to completion we have over 10 years experience in this unique field and are able to engage with the young and young at heart, bringing out the best in them, whatever their ability. Each workshop can be tailored to suit any scenario, from as little as 30mins to long-term projects. We have run loads of workshops for the Urban Pioneers project that is on the curriculum in many primary schools. We are committed to showing the positive side of graffiti art and explaining simply why illegal graffiti is not a good route to choose in life. You don't have to use spray paint to get people involved with street art. It's easy to design and decorate one of our baseball caps, bags or mini canvases to keep. Using non-toxic pens its easy to create a wicked piece of art to wear, use or stick on your wall! Any of these options can be chopped and changed with others to fit your budget or time scale. Just give us a shout and we can suggest what's best for you and your group.

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